Design advice for your home.

I had such a great time recently when I visited Furniture Market in High Point NC. It is always such a treat to see what’s new, what the current trends are, and to mingle with like minded design fanatics! It was a great time and if you ever get the opportunity to visit you must. Aside from your feet hurting a bit from all of the intense walking, it is great to be able to spot the new trends before they hit the retail stores.


I definitely noticed a few hot ones so keep your eyes open. As far as color is concerned Peacock blue is taking the industry by storm, an intense blue mixed with creams and brick reds. The old classic navy is back but this time it definitely has a sophisticated dressed up appearance. Of course the wonderful linens and neutrals are still going strong. Inspired by French Flea markets, the linen and nail head look mixed with a urban farmhouse feel are really hot right now.


When times get tough designers like to make a splash and try to brighten everyones day. So I definitely saw lots of intense bright colors in fun combinations so don’t be afraid to use color!!


Mixing woods, metals, and textures is really important in this upcoming market. The manufacturers are definitely picking up on everyones love of mixing old with new. So even the new pieces look like you picked them up at a local flea market.


Glitz and glam were hot this market so if you aren’t afraid to use some serious bling, I found chairs that had tufting with rhinestones, drapes with sequins, and chairs, headboards and accessories that sparkled with bling.


Make sure you keep pinning on Pinterest because the big brother of the design industry is watching. Marketing experts for the interior design and furniture industries are closely watching what you are pinning onto your boards so keep posting your favorites and even some of your dreams, this way the retail stores will catch up and provide you with just the right styles.

Sophisticated patterns and classic navy blue bring this wing chair alive

Great rustic farmhouse lighting from furniture market 2012

Chairs with glam and bling are hot this year
Bright fun accent pieces can change a room’s look and add whimsy


simple clean lines allow upholstery to breathe, these pieces are timeless

colorful and bright makes a statement this market

Flea market style with aged blue wicker, rustic metal top, chipped paints give this room a cozy feel

Mixing woods, textures and finishes makes for a great eclectic feel


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