Design advice for your home.

Shopping for just the right accessories can give the room that "wow" factor

Shopping for just the right accessories can give the room that “wow” factor

So you want to change your decor. You think I got this, I don’t need professional design services. You grab the sale flyer from the paper and enter the big box furniture stores and moments later your head is pounding and you can feel the sweat starting to form. Your head is spinning and in a state of total frustration and panic you leave empty handed. Your budget can’t compete with the ultra wealthy so custom design help is out of the question, so what’s a person to do??? You can continue to forge ahead and hope you won’t have to call the doctor after each shopping trip. You can forget the whole thing and just live with what you have, or you can hire a professional interior designer for the day and shop together….what??? Yes, its true. The real way to gain retail therapy is having a professional designer shop with you. Sounds crazy and expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

Working and shopping with a professional certified designer can save you time, money and many hours of headaches.

Nowadays there are so many great retail and outlet stores around that offer wonderful furniture and accessories but with so many choices shopping can go from being fun to causing anxiety. 

At Enabled Space Interiors we offer this great service and have found that our clients really do benefit from having our designers tag along. Many clients of ours know what they like and have a good idea of where to find the deals but when they enter these big box stores they quickly find themselves overwhelmed and anxious and often leave empty handed. So to avoid that frustration often times its easier and cost effective to have a designer come shopping with you for a few hours to really fine tune and help you focus on just the right pieces.

Why shop with a designer?

  • A designer can provide you with a professional plan of action
  • Designers can keep you on a budget and usually can offer up an extra discount even at retail locations
  • Designers can choose pieces that are the correct size and scale
  • They know how to determine and properly choose quality construction
  • They can coordinate what you already own with new pieces
  • Help you sort through the overwhelming array of objects in large retail stores
  • Prevent costly mistakes and can actually increase the value of your home
  • Help plan for future design possibilites and projects
  • Create a cohesive color palette
  • Help choose the appropriate textiles and materials
  • Help you determine if the price is reasonable or a gimmic

Most importantly a designer can provide an extra set of eyes that are trained to see and notice things that you may not. Shopping with them can help give your home that “wow” factor you have been looking for. They are trained to think differently and visualize the overall picture that clients have trouble with. Thinking outside of the box is what designers do all day long and that is what allows them to personalize your space with ease.

So don’t think that hiring a designer is only for the ultra rich, Enabled Space offers a great and reasonably priced A la Carte Menu of service that make hiring a designer quick and affordable.

So instead of having an anxiety attack the next time you are shopping, have a professional designer tag along, its just the kind of therapy everyone needs.


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