Design advice for your home.

A la Carte Services

Think you can’t afford to work with an interior designer?…..Think again, Enabled Space Interiors has created a new way of working with interior designers. It’s easy, fast, and affordable!

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a menu item off of the A la Carte Service Menu

2. Call or email to make an appoinment (336-402-3165)

3. Conveniently meet with the designer at your home and pay the allotted menu price

4. Enjoy the results of professional design advice that you can put into action

It’s that easy! No threatening contracts, no hidden mark-ups, just great professional design advice that you can use in your home or office. You pay as you go and get only what you need, it’s that SIMPLE.

A la Carte Design Services:

Room Re-design

Don’t know where to begin, Enabled Space will come to your home and analyze your space then provide a detailed floor plan, design ideas, shopping list, retail store suggestions, color options, any applicable finishes, and accessory ideas. This option would include 2 home visits: one to measure and analyze and one to present the design ideas. $ 350.00 per room

 Professional Floor plan

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is buying furniture in the wrong size and proportions. We will take the appropriate measurements of your space and then provide a ¼” scale floor plan with multiple furniture arrangement options. Whether you or rearranging what you already own or trying to decide what sizes and pieces to buy, our professional floor plans will eliminate the confusion. This option would include 2 home visits: one to measure, and one to present the detailed floor plan. $ 250.00 per room

 Color Consultation and paint color selection

Color your world with a professional design consultation. Our team will provide a cohesive color palette using paint chips, color wheels, and other tools to provide you with the perfect paint colors for your next home project. This option would be a one time home visit. $ 100.00 per room

Personalized shopping trips at local retailers

Let’s go shop-We can shop together at the local retail stores to find the perfect furnishings or accessories for your home. Together we can help provide you personalized design guidance to help make those tough design decisions. Whether it’s choosing the right sofa, rug, cabinetry, flooring, tile or accessories. Our professional design guidance can eliminate costly design mistakes and help speed up the design process. Perfect for when you are renovating or building a new home as well as updating your old furniture. Shopping with Enabled Space can truly be fun! $ 75.00 per hour

Home organization and design

Feeling overwhelmed with clutter? We can provide guidance to help you de-clutter and organize your space. We will provide you with a plan that determines storage needs, re- arrangement, and organizational tips and tricks. This option would include 2 home visits: one to measure, and one to present the detailed plan.  $ 250.00 per room

Home Design Parties (great for girls-nite or charity events)

Let the party begin, we provide a fun design class filled with tips and tricks and you provide the friends. 1 hour 30 minutes of informative yet fun design expertise right in your own home. Great for a girls night out or for a charity event. The hostess will receive a gift certificate of $75 towards any Enabled Space A la Carte Menu of Services. $ 25.00 per person (min 5)

Real Estate Design Services

Getting it sold

It’s tough out there, trying to sell a home can be a challenge. Buyers are picky and need to be impressed. We can provide a home fluff and stage plan that will help you sell your home. We can choose buyer friendly paint colors, re-arrange your existing furniture, help choose finishes for renovation projects and give overall design advice for the current real estate market. This option would be a one time home visit. $ 250.00 per home

Buying a home

So many homes to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Working with realtors is essential but working with a designer and a realtor is a fool proof way of making sure you purchase the home of your dreams. We can come with you to shop for homes and give you advice on renovations, space planning, color ideas, aesthetic issues, and help you see the design possibilities. It is hard to look past what is already there to see the beautiful possibilities of a home. So don’t get stuck, have Enabled Space shop with you and find that perfect home. $ 75.00 per hour

Personalized menu items can be added and customized to suit your design needs!

Additional trip charges may occur at $35.00

We serve the greater Charlotte-Lake Norman area as well as the Piedmont of NC


Comments on: "A la Carte Services" (2)

  1. Jen Wootton said:

    This is amazing! So many great services to provide anyone with a professional experience to personalize their most important investment…their home! Having a designer helps “get it right” so that the money you do invest in your home goes to the right things that will last! Very impressed! Go Enabled Space!

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